‘Today and Tomorrow and Yesterday Too’

‘Today and Tomorrow and Yesterday Too’ by Fiona Watson

77 x 54 cm, Indian ink on paper, unframed


Artist Statement:

The home that’s both unattainable and never existed is maybe the one longed for the most. I went to photograph St. Cyrus nature reserve the day before official lockdown with a sense foreboding. The landscape of St. Cyrus is reminiscent of the sand dune beaches of my childhood in New England, it’s where the renowned biologist D’arcy Thompson took his students for field studies in the 19th century (‘Of Growth and Form’ was my inspirational book while studying biology), and it has a bountiful supply of driftwood for on-site sculptures. I’ve taken thousands of photographs during lockdown- mostly of Glasgow University cloisters and then Loch Ardinning- but the wide open space of St. Cyrus was my imaginary home under lockdown restrictions- where ‘thoughts are free’. This painting is in Indian ink- a substitute for my usual black and white etchings.