‘Time to Dream’

‘Time to Dream’ by Fiona Wilson

40 x 40 cm, oil on canvas, framed


Artist Statement:

In response to the folk song ‘Our thoughts are Free’ the idea that stood out for me, in one of the translations, was of thoughts like nocturnal flowers floating into the night. I have felt so much negativity during lockdown, mostly from written angst on Social Media, and I felt the need to start meditating to combat the anxiety. I had initally thought of portraying caged people, similar to those in my Birdwomen series, but I decided I wanted to focus on the positive aspect of having space to think, away from the tempations of the city. I chose dandelion clocks for the woman’s hair, as their name suggests a play on time, and I had been taking photos of a fine crop of them in my garden. Their appearance also looks like stars in the night, beautiful yet fragile, waiting to be picked up and carried away by a gentle breeze that transports them to a better place or time where they can set seed and grow again.