‘The Killing of Innocence’

‘The Killing of Innocence’ by Michael Felix Francis Gilfedder

32 x 43 cm, bevelled carved wood, oil, egg tempera & gold leaf.


Artist Statement:

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1971 and Jordonhill in 1972. After teaching art and design in two Glasgow schools I moved to South Uist, Outer Hebrides in 1978 as an itinerant art teacher in several small schools in the Southern Isles. I’ve only been completely out of teaching for less than two years as I was doing supply and I’m now painting full time.

Throughout the teaching years I kept up my practice of painting and worked mainly on commissions and contributed work to mixed exhibitions. My main discipline is Catholic theology and my paintings are Icons in the Western European tradition though strongly influenced by Russian, Egyptian Coptic and Greek Orthodox traditions. I have always loved Australian Aboriginal ‘ Dream Time ‘ paintings which echo those people’s history, culture and beliefs, so it is a great joy for me to paint Icons which echo similar themes.