‘Study for the Memory Doll Project’

‘Study for the Memory Doll Project’ by Norman Sutton-Hibbert

20 x 18 x 16 cm, sculpture of mixed media (fabric, buttons and wire mesh)


Artist Statement:

For all my adult life I’ve painted in various media. Collage has also been a long-term love. Membership of Glasgow Print Studio allows me to print from wood blocks. 

From 2010 – 2015 I studied at Glasgow School of Art, resulting in me including sculpture, installations and performance art in my work methods.

Fabrics, their conventions and language are a major interest and feature large in and inform much of my work. A Masters course encouraged me to marry many of my interests.

Through my artwork I tend to interrogate aspects of a range of subjects such as male identity and every day, but all too often unseen, objects. Children’s games and their play also intrigue me. However, there is really no limit to what might trigger a work.

My previous professional life as a Social Worker/Mental Health Officer was with adults and children.