‘Rainy Day Junction, Glasgow’

‘Rainy Day Junction, Glasgow’ by Alistair Strachan

21 x 29.5cm, collage, unframed


Artist Statement:

I am an artist and lecturer based in Glasgow, Scotland with an endless fascination for painting, drawing and travelling. My work reflects my environment, the journeys I make, the places I visit and the process of making marks on a surface with a range of materials and tools.

I have a Degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and a Post Graduate teaching qualification from Strathclyde University and I have been teaching for over 30 years at various institutions in Scotland and Canada. I am an artist member, former committee member, hanging convenor and vice-president of Paisley Art Institute; an artist member and former member of council of the Royal Glasgow Institute as well as a founder member of Transmission Gallery in Glasgow.

My recent work has, through necessity, been something of a kitchen table residency due to Covid 19. I have explored my home and immediate surroundings, drawing constantly and making daily diary collages as a way of continuing to work and keeping sane.