Patricia Cain PhD PS NEAC RGI ARWS

Beech Tree, pastel, 148 x 111cm.

Patricia Cain – Artists Statement

I am involved with the idea that you can make something terribly complex and through making it, it becomes nothing. I often seek this absence though a process that involves intense scrutiny. Invariably, my work is on the cusp of both abstraction and figuration – a place where observation turns inwards. For me, energy is fundamental. The dominant energy resides in empty space: it is the absence or negative space that activates the artwork, yet also makes it unstable.

Thicket II, pastel, 170 x 170cm.

Resonating with concerns in science, I connect with the idea that the artist operates as a self -referencing system of processes, where thinking occurs through the body, and the exchange of process and energy leads to continual transformation.