June Carey RSW RGI

Date of RGI Election: 2014

Professional member of, RSW, S.S.A. & A.A.S : 2012 Elected council member for Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Studied Glasgow School of Art

Artist Statement

I would describe my work as figurative and autobiographical. It deals with my personal thoughts and feelings, some of which are subconscious. I usually don’t know what my pictures are about until they are finished. Sometimes it can take several years before I realise what I was trying to say. I have a need to work in various media, which includes painting, pastel drawing, printmaking and working in a three dimensional way.

My images usually centre around a solitary human being, who is unable to speak. I try to convey his/her thoughts and feelings using a symbolic language. This sometimes takes the form of written words and images on the body. I try to make thoughts visible, which are of course, invisible. Whilst I am trying to explain to the viewer what the picture is about, I am also trying to conceal part of this message. For whatever reason, it is important to me that something is still hidden; left unsaid.

Foreign travel and different cultures always inspire new ideas.




Studio Portrait
The Messenger. Acrylic on board. 102x91cm
On The Midnight Hour. 40x34cm. Etching.
Angel Whispers 100x105cm Pastel copy
Angel Whispers. 100x105cm Pastel