June Carey RSW RGI

Studio portrait of June Carey

Date of RGI Election: 2014

Professional member of, RSW, S.S.A. & A.A.S : 2012 Elected council member for Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Studied Glasgow School of Art

The Messenger, acrylic on board, 102 x 91cm.

Artist Statement

I would describe my work as figurative and autobiographical. It deals with my personal thoughts and feelings, some of which are subconscious. I usually don’t know what my pictures are about until they are finished. Sometimes it can take several years before I realise what I was trying to say. I have a need to work in various media, which includes painting, pastel drawing, printmaking and working in a three dimensional way.

On the Midnight Hour, etching, 40 x 34 cm. 

My images usually centre around a solitary human being, who is unable to speak. I try to convey his/her thoughts and feelings using a symbolic language. This sometimes takes the form of written words and images on the body. I try to make thoughts visible, which are of course, invisible. Whilst I am trying to explain to the viewer what the picture is about, I am also trying to conceal part of this message. For whatever reason, it is important to me that something is still hidden; left unsaid.

Angel Whispers, pastel, 100 x 105cm.

Foreign travel and different cultures always inspire new ideas.

Website: www.junecarey.com 

Contact: info@junecarey.com