Heather Nevay RGI

Date of RGI Election: 2015.

I studied Printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art 1983-88 , and left with the intention to paint rather than continue with textiles. With a solid education of drawing, interpretation of ideas and a strong sense of colour I developed my own imagery and refined what I wanted to explore in painting.

My work looks at childhood and adolescence – either my own experiences and memories, or observations of friends and family’s children. Imaginative games, beliefs and the dynamics of friendships are then interpreted in my paintings, in a very literal way. This is countered by the controlled style of painting I use to achieve what is hopefully a beautiful painting with an underlying discomfort or unease for the viewer through the duplicity of the image.



RSA opening
Heather Nevay



Olympia , Oil on Panel , 2015



The King's Daughter - By Heather Nevay.
The King’s Daughter, Oil on Panel, 2015



Pelt - The Discovery
Pelt, The Discovery, Oil on Panel , 2015