‘Harbour Mystery’

‘Harbour Mystery’ by Stephen Ratomski

70 x 50cm, acrylic on paper, unframed


Artist Statement:

Stephen Ratomski seldom starts a painting with an image. He begins with an idea that has a relationship to something he has observed. He records information with photographs, sketches, collaged images and notes.
In his studio he starts to combine his observations from the landscape or urban settings into a composition, colour relationships, light, shapes and fragments of
detail. He relishes in the spontaneity of the hand of the artist, freely interpreting brushstrokes, drawn marks, scratches and scrapes. This results in artworks with a
strong sense of geometry and design as a means of balancing colours, textures and shapes. His work although abstract in execution, relates closely to seen or felt experiences. He builds through layers of paint and drawn marks creating complex surfaces capturing a sense of place, a mood or a feeling.