Dawson Murray RSW RGI ARE

Date of RGI Election: 1995

Born: Glasgow 1944

Other memberships: RSW, SSA

Artist’s Statement:

“My paintings have always been about light and for some years now they have been based on drawings of my own garden, friends’ gardens, intimate secret gardens and even exotic gardens as rich and sumptuous as a vision of Paradise”.

Murray studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1961-66, Hospital field in 1964 and at the Academia de Belle Arti in Venice in winter of 1966. He exhibits regularly at the RSA, RSW, SSA, RGI and RE. He is married to the painter Liz Murray and they live in Kilmany, Fife.


1995 RSW Alexander Graham Munro Award, 1996 Dundee Open joint winner, 1998 Peacock Printmakers’ Editioning Award, 2000 Noble Grossart Competition, Third prize RSA, 2002 RSW Council Award. 2004 Joint winner, Channel 4 Ideasfactory, ‘Move It’ Animation Competition. 2006 Dundee Visual Artists Award.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1997 Nancy Smillie Gallery, Glasgow. 1999 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow. 2008 Print Space DCA, Dundee. 2011 Compass Gallery, Glasgow. 2014 Print Space DCA, Dundee.


McManus Galleries, Dundee; Scottish Arts Council; BBC Scotland; Dumbarton Borugh Council; Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow.

2. Fennel zig zag (25'' x 40'')   Etching
Fennel zig zag (25” x 40”) Etching


3. Cabbages under            Snow             (25'' x 40'') Etching
Cabbages Under Snow (25″ x 40″) Etching


4. Drifting       (14.5'' x 19'') Etching
Drifting (14.5″ x 19″) Etching


5. Drifting II    (14.5'' x 19'') Etching
Drifting II (14.5” x 19”) Etching


Dawson Murray Drifting III      (14.5'' x 19'') Etching
Drifting III (14.5” x 19”) Etching


Dawson Murray Silent Garden Edge  (22'' x 30'')   Etching
Silent Garden Edge (22” x 30”) Etching