Archibald Dunbar McIntosh RSW RGI

Born: Glasgow 1936

Education: Glasgow School of Art 1953-57

Archie Dunbar McIntosh was born in Glasgow in 1936 and took an interest in art from an early age. His Father was infuential in developing Archie’s interest in art through visits to the Kelvingrove art gallery in Glasgow. One of Archie’s other life long passions for the waters, banks and ‘flyers’ of the Clyde were developed as a youngster when family holidays were taken on paddlesteamers.

Archie McIntosh went on to study at the Glasgow School of Art from 1953 to 1957. Following that he taught for a number of years before becoming President of Glasgow School of Art in 1968. Today Archie McIntosh is one of the most original, professional painters working in Scotland. His paintings possess an unusual combination of the abstract and naive styles with a strong enduring appeal. Archie successfully creates a parallel world of distorted perspectives and fanciful motifs, which fascinate and entertain the viewer.

McIntosh’s paintings reflect his enduring love of the Scottish Isles. Archie says: ‘Since childhood, I have lived in close proximity to sea, loch, river and mountain. As a painter I have the desire to investigate the form, colour, texture and mood of each, and respond through drawing and painting. I feel it is part of my cultural heritage to interpret and translate the many influences in my life and soul. Within the ‘larger vision’ there exists many smaller component parts, which can combine to wear the whole. For example, a small harbour can present graphic images of fishermen ropes, reels, boxes, boats, birds – each with the potential for interpretation changing light, changing mood, changing seasons and changing vision’.

Archie Dunbar McIntosh paintings have regularly featured in exhibitions worldwide. They are also in the public art collections of: The Scottish Arts Council; Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery; Edinburgh City Council; and Argyle Education Authority. Archie’s paintings are also held in many corporate and private art collections including those of Rolls Royce, Peter Townsend and Griff Rhys Jones. He has been appointed to the RSW and RGI art societies. Prizes awarded for his paintings include: Guthrie Award, Royal Scottish Academy (RSA); Latimer Award, Royal Scottish Academy (RSA); Royal Bank of Scotland Award, Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI); May Marshall Brown Award, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW).

Solo Exhibitions:

Gallery Reinke; Thompson’s Gallery, London; The Open Eye Gallery, London; Panter and Hall, London; Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen; Ainscough Gallery, London; Kelly Gallery, Glasgow, Richmond Hill Gallery, London.


Guthrie Award, Royal Scottish Academy; Latimer Award, Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Bank of Scotland Award, Royal Glasgow Institute; May Marshall Brown Award, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Group Exhibitions:

The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh; Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow; The Waterford Gallery, Hale; Frames Gallery, Perth; Eton Gallery, Eton; Green Gallery, Aberfoyle.

Private and Public Collections:

The Scottish Arts Council; Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery; Edinburgh City Council; Argyle Education Authority; Christian Salvesen; Rolls Royce; Pete Townsend; Griff Rhys Jones.