Open Annual Exhibition Terms & Conditions




  • Submissions to be registered online at:
  • Online Registration Deadline Friday 30 September 2016 at Midnight
  • Pre-Selection Announced Friday 14 October 2016
  • Hand in for Final Selection Saturday 29 October and Monday 31 October 2016 9am – 5pm
  • Final Selection Announced Monday 7 November 2016
  • Pick up of Works Not Selected Tuesday 8 November and Wednesday 9 November 2016 9am – 5pm
  • Exhibition Open Saturday 12 November to Sunday 27 November 2016
  • Collection of Unsold Works Monday 28 November and Tuesday 29 November 2016


  • Entry Pricing
    Standard Prices
    Maximum Artwork Entries: 5
    First or Single Entry Price: £10
    Up to 2 artworks: £20
    Up to 3 artworks: £25
    Up to 4 artworks: £31
    Up to 5 artworks: £36Concession Price for RGI Members
    Maximum Artwork Entries: 5
    Free Entry
    Up to 2 artworks: £10
    Up to 3 artworks: £20
    Up to 4 artworks: £25
    Up to 5 artworks: £31

    Concession Prices for Students
    Maximum Artwork Entries: 5
    Free Entry
    Up to 2 artworks: £10
    Up to 3 artworks: £20
    Up to 4 artworks: £25
    Up to 5 artworks: £31

  • By completing the online registration process for the RGI Annual Open Exhibition you acknowledge you have read, understood and accept these Terms and Conditions for Artists:


  • ARTWORKS Works in painting, sculpture, fine art photography, original print, drawing, mixed media, stained glass and architectural drawing and models can be submitted.
  • Works previously shown at RGI exhibitions, copies or reproductions of any kind are not admissible.


  • WORKS: Artists may submit THREE works no larger than 150cm in any one direction (including frame) and TWO works no larger than 36cm on its longest side (including frame).
  • Plinths/shelves for sculptures must be supplied with the work on the receiving days or the work will be rejected.
  • If particular handling or installation instructions are required please print these clearly and attach securely to the artwork. All works must comply with health and safety regulations where there are moving parts and/or electrical/mechanical elements.
  • FRAMES: Frames must be durable; metal frames and clip frames will not be accepted. The exhibition organisers have the right not to include any frame that is unsuitable. All hanging fixtures must be removed from frames before hand-in.
  • LARGE WORKS: A limited number of exceptionally large works may be accepted with the permission of the RGI Hanging and Selection Committee. If you would like a large work to be considered for selection please email with details of the work by midnight on Friday 30 September 2016.
  • FEES: The ENTRY FEE for the first work submitted is £10, 2 works £20, 3 works £25, 4 works £31 and 5 works £36. Members may submit the first work free, 2 works £10, 3 works £20, 4 works £25, and 5 works £31. Students may also submit the first work free, 2 works £10, 3 works £20, 4 works £25 and 5 works £31. To benefit from this discount, students must email from their academic email address by 15 September to register as a student. There is also a HANGING FEE of £10 for every work hung payable once selection has been made. All fees are inclusive of VAT.
  • ONLINE REGISTRATION: Artists must register and submit their work online at: by midnight on Friday 30 September 2016. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. You will not be able to make changes to your online submission after this date. Please keep your login details securely as you will need them again. You can submit ONE IMAGE per work. We require jpg files of about 800 pixels wide, 300 dpi and 1MB in size for good presentation of your work.
  • PAYMENT: Payment is to be made online with a Paypal account or with a debit/credit card. Submissions will not be accepted without payment and refunds will not be offered for works not selected or handed in.
  • PRE-SELECTION AND HAND IN: Pre-selection begins on Monday 3 October and results will be announced on Friday 14 October. Please log in to your account with the online submission site for the results. Pre-selected work must be handed in to the Mitchell Library on Saturday 29 October between 9am and 5pm. All wrapping and packaging to be removed immediately. Courier deliveries and sculptures will only be accepted on Monday 31 October between 9am and 5pm. No work will be accepted out with these times. Artists may only hand in work that has been pre-selected.
  • LABELS: Labels will be posted to pre-selected artists and RGIs and will also be available at the Mitchell Library on hand in days between 9am and 5pm. Every work must be accompanied by an RGI label. RGI labels must be securely attached to each work with string which is gaffer taped or stapled to the back/frame. The label must be clearly completed in block capitals. . A permanent label or other identification must also be fixed to the back of each work, including sculpture, giving the artist’s name, title of work and price. If you do not do this your work may be rejected.
  • FINAL SELECTION: Artists will be sent an email notification to confirm whether or not their work has been selected to be hung in the exhibition on Monday 7 November. The decision of the Hanging and Selection Committee is final and no further correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision. All work that is not selected must be picked up on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 November between 9am and 5pm.
  • SALE OF WORK: All work must be for sale. A commission of 40% + VAT (on commission only) will be charged on sales. Where the artist is registered for VAT the catalogue price should include VAT and the artist’s VAT number must be included on the online entry form. The price of the work shown on the online entry form and labels is the total price payable by the purchaser. Where editions of work are available for sale, artists should include details including: the number in edition, number available for sale, framed/unframed etc. No editions of works should be sent by the artist to a purchaser until the RGI has confirmed that the price has been paid in full. Any private sale made out with, but as a direct result of, the exhibition should also be acknowledged whereupon the relevant commission will be charged. Private sales of works cannot be conducted during the exhibition.
  • CARE OF WORK: Insurance of artwork is the artist’s responsibility and artists are advised to arrange proper and adequate insurance cover. Whilst the utmost care of all work submitted for selection will be taken, the RGI will not be liable for any damage, however caused, to work during or awaiting transit, during storage, installation, packing or unpacking or while the work may be in the care of the RGI.
  • COPYRIGHT: Copyright of work remains the property of the artist. By submitting work, unless contacted by the artist in writing to say otherwise, the artist grants the RGI permission to photograph and/or film the submitted works for press and marketing purposes, including the right to free reproduction for any catalogue, poster, website or other non- commercial promotional material in connection with the exhibition.
  • COLLECTION OF WORK: Selection of work does not guarantee that it will be hung in the exhibition. Artists whose work is selected but not hung in the exhibition will be notified by email and the hanging fee will be refunded. This work must be picked up on Friday 11 November between 9am and 5pm. Unsold work to be picked up after the exhibition closes on Monday 28 November or Tuesday 29 November between 9am and 5pm. No work can be removed until the close of the Exhibition without a special order from the RGI Council. Under certain circumstances, if a work is sold and the buyer wants to take it away, the artist may replace it with a similar sized work.
  • THE RGI HAS NO STORAGE FACILITIES SO WORK MUST BE COLLECTED ON THE DATES GIVEN. Any work not collected will incur a storage fee to be paid by the artist. After 2 weeks the work will become the property of the RGI and may subsequently be disposed of. By completing the online registration process, the artist accepts this condition as a binding agreement whereby the ownership of the uncollected work is relinquished by the artist and transferred to the RGI.
  • DATA PROTECTION: The information you have supplied will be used for processing your submission, mailing and emailing you about the RGI in accordance with the RGI Data Protection Policy.