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Allsorts Film Festival Line up 2020

The festival will bring together a collection of contemporary artists works and as the name denotes it’s a mixed bag of treats! We have recent graduates, mid-career and established artists all showcasing their work over three nights, 24th, 26th, 28th of February. Tickets are available here.

On the 24th February Ronald Forbes RSA RGI will also be giving a short talk about his artistic practice. On the 26th Hugh Watt will discuss the Busan Film Production Residency. We are delighted that the producers Jigon Lee and Shil-la Lee will be present at the screening.


Monday 24th February

Fugue Seb x2 7 nov 18
Still from ‘FUGUE’ BY Ronald Forbes.

Elsa Parker, TBC: Elsa Parker works primarily with immersive video and installation. She recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art and is now based in London. Elsa’s work explores the relationship between masochism, film and visual pleasure — the pleasure of unpleasure that defies arbitrary norms of society. With frequent reference to feminist film theory, Parker creates a tension between haptic and optic, meeting the film as another body and the screen as another skin. This tactile skin is seen as a meeting place for change and traversal, a borderland inside and out.

Nathanael Marklew, ‘Apeshit’: Nathanael Marklew is a visual artist and filmmaker. Attempting in his work to always experiment in the cinematic form and story structures whilst depicting struggles and emotional states that are accessible and universal. He often utilizes celluloid film, 8mm and 16mm, whilst also integrating digital formats and still photography. Taking advantage of the different textures those formats offer for a different, visually stimulating and varied impact on the viewer.

Ronald Forbes RSA RGI, ‘FUGUE’: Ronald Forbes is an artist who is primarily a painter, but who has made films throughout his career. He is an academician of the Royal Scottish Academy, an elected member the Royal Glasgow institute of the Fine Arts and an elected professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. He has had around forty solo exhibitions internationally and two and three person shows in venues such as the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, Project Art Centre, Dublin, Drian Galleries, London, the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Sonia Zaks Gallery, Chicago, Galerie Trace, Maastricht, Plimsoll Gallery Hobart and the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. His paintings are held in public collections in the UK, Ireland, USA, Poland and Australia.


Wednesday 26th February

High 3
Still from ‘Mirror Image’ by Hugh Watt

Samantha Dick, ‘The Desk Studies’: Samantha Dick is a multi-disciplined artist based between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The basis of Dick’s practice is their rejection of social expectation. How can one best dismantle the social and psychological constraints placed upon the body by an oppressive society? Through the use of theatrical play the artist encourages the viewer to disrupt their own impressions of normality; challenging gender norms, addressing power relations and conformity, whilst disrupting the rooted idealisms of civilisation. Dick constantly draws us back to their interest in the Other and its conflicting relationship with societal normality. How can the Other gain dominance and subsequently, how might we dismantle the dominant? The Desk Studies are a series of webcam performances, staged behind a desk and conducted by the artist’s alter ego ‘Mr Suit’. Through the use of characterisation Dick chooses to live within a stereotype in order to subvert its social rule. The Desk Studies acts as a reaction to our current socio-political climate. Through a variety of repetitive acts or ‘games of endurance’, Dick explores ideas of banality and absurdity to ultimately question the structures of our complex contemporary world.

Peter Reischl, ‘Baking a Moist Banana Cake’: Reischl is currently studying Art & Science and Expanded Pictorial Space at the University of Applied Arts and at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. Regarding media, he is working in multiple fields. His videos, photographies, performative installations aim at a moment of irritation, a sudden disruption of the well-known – with his projects Peter Reischl employs performative elements to challenge the ordinary. Provoking a reaction is a crucial part of Reischl’s work, which addresses political and social topics by translating them into performative questions. His work is about creating a space of ambiguity, that doesn’t lead to an answer or predefine a certain direction. That is what makes his art a provocative one: Like an experimental set-up, he merely arranges the basic parameters in order to trigger any re-actions of his counterpart. The spectator becomes the one in control. Reischl’s art projects provoke unfiltered reactions that aren’t necessarily required in the course of everyday life. In a way, it’s all about a re-activation of thinking, a re-discovery of one’s agency and free will.

Paula Flores, ‘Viaje con chiles’: In her work Paula Flores attempts to represent the complexity of nature, and our knowledge as well as ignorance that we have towards it. She treats themes such as immigration and the disappearance of native cultures, flora and fauna as a result of modern industry; the space these cultures occupy and how they’ve changed according to its commodification. Making use of diverse artistic disciplines and a mix of organic and industrial materials, she creates a dialogue regarding the current situation between human and nature. Flores participated in the 2019 “Is this intimacy”, Krinzinger projekt, “Praise the laziness” 12-14 gallery, Vienna, ibiennale in Honolulu, “Biennale Sessions” Biennale di Venezia 2019, Consciousness reframed 2019 Porto, Portugal. Her work was part of the exhibition Being here with you at MCASD. Her most recent solo exhibitions are Litos Liquen at CECUT in Tijuana, Mexico. Semilla del paraiso at the ICM in Vienna, Austria, Flora nativa en el paisaje invadido at Deslave.She was part of salon ACME 2018 and LASER talks at UC Santa Barbara. She has been part of residencies in Austria and the U.S.A such as Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna and Art Omi in New York. Her work has been part of exhibitions and collections in Mexico, U.S.A, Japan, Italy, Portugal and Austria. She is part of the platform, girls see art and art Zealous.

Hugh Watt, ‘Mirror Image’: Hugh Watt is a Northern Irish artist based in Glasgow, known for his evocative work in film and video, which mixes the poetic with the political when crediting an importance upon the value of tradition within the context of the modern world. In 1999 he completed the MFA at the Glasgow School of Art, where he now teaches in the Media Studios and is a researcher and member of the, schools, ‘Reading Landscape’, research group. In 2017, (BIFA) Busan Independent Film Association invited Hugh to represent Scotland in the, Busan film Production Residency, where he was commissioned to make a film in response to the city of Busan in South Korea. At the end of the residency Hugh’s film was screened at the, Busan Intercity Film Festival. Previous residencies include Timespan, Helmsdale 2012, Sri Lanka, 2007, Cove Park in 2004.

Friday 28h February

Pidgin 2
Still from ‘Pidgin’ by Chizu Anucha

Chizu Anucha, ‘Pidgin’: Chizu Anucha (b. 1995, Scotland) is an audio-visual artist and musician based in Glasgow. His work focuses mainly on the collective emotional healing of black identities, while exploring the spiritual relationship we have with intangible thought and feeling.

Kate Frances Lingard , ‘Mark’: The film uses narrative as a binding agent in a discussion of the interconnections between the vulnerable body, perspectives of landscapes and mechanisms of support. Originally a written essay, the film was made in early January 2019 in an attempt to visually weave together fragments of thoughts and the process of making.

Helen Davy, ‘Beating the Bounds’: Helen Emily Davy is a multi-disciplinary artist from Manchester, UK, currently based in Vienna, Austria. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art’s Painting and Printmaking department in 2018 and is currently studying for a Masters in Art and Science at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna. ‘Beating the Bounds’ draws inspiration from the eponymous ritual still performed in Davy’s hometown. The film considers ideas of home, safety, violence, and tradition, and is accompanied by excerpts from one of the few scholarly sources on the ritual, an article by W.S. Tratman from 1931.

McLaughlin + Williamson, ‘End State’: McLaughlin + Williamson are Scottish born artists Owen McLaughlin and Jodie Williamson. The pair have been collaborating since 2018 and both graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2019. They are currently continuing their studies as a collaborative duo on the MFA Art and Humanities course at DJCAD, both having been awarded the William S. Phillips scholarship. Their practice is interested in the themes of technology, industry, time and obsolescence.

If you have any questions please email or call 0141 258 1080. Tickets are available here. 


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