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‘Creating Connections’ Exhibition Launch

‘Visiting a foreign country for the first time made me realise that I subconsciously absorb everything around me when I am in unfamiliar surroundings. I am unaware of what in
particular has affected me until it begins to appear in my work.’ – June Carey, 2019.


Come along on the 18th January to help us celebrate our first exhibition of 2020. You are cordially invited to the exhibition opening and drinks reception at the Kelly Gallery on Saturday 18th January 3-5pm. The exhibition will run until the 8th February 2020.

In response to the troubled times we live in, our first exhibition, Creating Connections, will highlight the international links of Scotland’s contemporary art scene. As a nation, we are proud of these links and the exhibition will harness this pride. Through a variety of works, the exhibition will highlight the personal stories and the creative impact each country has had on the artists.

All the artists have travelled to various corners of the globe including Canada, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Jerusalem and the Arctic. The exhibition will display works by Sam Ainsley, Lesley Burr, Jack McGarrity, Lesley Finlayson, June Carey, Marina Renee Cemmick, Fiona Wilson, Rosemary Beaton and Stuart Duffin.

Image credit: ‘Machine is God’, Pastel by June Carey.

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