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Performance: Thyme James

Vénus en Blanche

“Painting is a practice that women have owned for a long time” – Catherine Wood, A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance. (Tate, 2012)

The act of painting oneself is a is a heavily charged gesture, used symbolically as high art, tradition and the great (male) artist but also as a transformative tool, the body the canvas. In Vénus en Blanche the artist adorns herself with white paint, reducing her form before presenting herself as a live painting, posing after Velázquez’s The Rokeby Venus. Exhibiting herself as artwork Thyme metamorphoses artist and model, blurring lines between them whilst maintaining control over her own agency per the live, consensual reduction and objectification.

Vénus Reflétant - 2019 (1)
Venus Refletant, video still, 2019.

Thyme James will close the RGI Graduate Exhibition with a performance piece on Saturday 14th September 3- 4pm at the RGI Kelly Gallery, 118 Douglas Street, Glasgow G2 4ET. James is one of two recipients of the prestigious RGI Graduate Award in 2019.

This is a FREE event. Due to the nature of the performance, this event is ticketed. Tickets can be ordered via Eventbrite  or please call 0141 248 6386.

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