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ASPECT : Contemporary Landscape

Lesley Finlayson : Sorting Ground No.9 : Acrylic on canvas : 11 x 17 inches.

ASPECT : Contemporary Landscape

11th May – 1st June

All artists are observers, incessantly curious about their surroundings. Landscape painters spend time in a location; recording, exploring, thinking, understanding. It could be a place of childhood memories or the daily commute, a journey to a new country, the light, the weather, the undulating line of a hillside or the pattern of a ploughed field. It is a way of connecting to the environment around us and making some sense of our place within it.

This exhibition at the RGI Kelly Gallery in Glasgow from May 11th to June 1st includes a diverse group of painters, each exploring a personal interest in their chosen surroundings from their own particular point of view.

Artists include: Rowena Comrie, Carol Dewart, Paul Eames, John Ferry, Lesley Finlayson, Marianne Greated, Simon Laurie, Ruth Nicol, Jacqui Orr, Carol Rhodes, Ben Risk, Iona Roberts, Catherine Ross, Alastair Strachan, Peter Thomson, Alasdair Wallace, Grant Watson, Adrian Wiszniewski, Alma Wolfson.


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