June Carey: Dusk Delivers Dreams Forever, Linlithgow Burgh Halls

Friday 21 July to Sunday 1 October 2017

Scottish artist June Carey is known for her bold figurative etchings.  Highly regarded, she has been invited by West Lothian Council to exhibit in more than fifty prestigious group exhibitions throughout the UK and abroad.

June’s work commonly contains solitary human beings who are unable to ‘speak’.  Carey conveys their thoughts and feelings using a symbolic language, which is made up of written words (often in Latin) and images depicted on the body.  Foreign travel, as well as unusual objects and places are a great source of inspiration.


On The Midnight Hour (Etching)


Working in a wide range of media including painting, pastel drawing, printmaking and three dimensions, it is June Carey’s drawing that is at the root of everything she creates.  This exhibition brings together a selection of work inspired by many different cultures throughout the world, as well as June’s most recent visit to Greece.  Free Entry




Film of the artist by Kathleen Little, Thirteensquared:




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