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Away from Convention: Sophie Levi & James Tweedie RGI

Away from Convention: Sophie Levi & James Tweedie

Thompson’s Gallery / 3 SEYMOUR PLACE, LONDON, W1H 5AZT +44 (0) 207 935 3595

175 HIGH STREET, ALDEBURGH, SUFFOLK, IP15 5ANT +44 (0) 1728 453 743

23rd March – 8th April

Breaking the conventions of painting, Sophie Levi and James Tweedie offer truly unique perspectives of their surrounding environments, reflecting their distinctive identities, personalities and painting styles.

From her Camden Town studio and in-situ, Sophie Levi paints reflective, bright scenes bursting with atmosphere and light. Manipulated by the artist into a ‘fisheye’ perspective, canals, rivers and landscapes sweep from one edge of the surface to the other as broken clouds run away and out of view above. Every painting is a window to Levi’s world.

Sophie Levi has exhibited widely, including the BP Portrait Award, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Hunting Art Prize Exhibition, The Discerning Eye and The Lynn Painter-Stainers’ Prize Exhibition. Levi was also shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize (2012) and recently competed in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year competition. Her growing reputation has seen work entering distinguished collections such as John & Frances Sorrell, Christopher Forbes New York, Kings College Cambridge and HRH Prince of Wales.

Dream-like, ethereal and uncanny, James Tweedie’s urban landscapes are threaded with surrealism and mystery. Looming storm clouds and sprawling shadows unfurl across Tweedie’s canvases, shrouding ordinary landscapes with a layer of gravity. Taking odd corners of towns and cities, Tweedie transforms familiar surroundings into intriguing scenes which beckon the mind to wander.

James Tweedie, a current elected RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts) and a former member of the Glasgow League of Artists (1974/5) and the Glasgow Group (1988/91), has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout his highly successful career, winning the William Bowie Award, Paisley Art Institute (2003), and the Maude Gemmill Hutcheson Prize, Royal Scottish Academy (2010).

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