RGI Open Annual Exhibition News

RGI Open Annual Exhibition – Invited Artist

Murray Robertson

The RGI is hugely honoured to invite renowned Artist Murray Robertson, to participate in November’s Open Annual Exhibition. Murray studied at Glasgow School of Art and continues to live and work in Glasgow. Whilst maintaining an interest in traditional fine art and printmaking through many years of association with Glasgow Print Studio it is the research, development and application of new technologies, specifically digital imaging and printing, that has most influenced his current professional practice.

Robertson’s work is underpinned by enquiries into aspects of nature and the environment that lie at the core of many of our current concerns and scientific paradigms. Exploring and contrasting the significances of cultural perceptions and misconceptions, Robertson endeavours to interpret and create systems of representation via structured visual matrices that are realised as hopefully legible and meaningful patterns of knowledge.

Imagery develops from a process of experience, documentation and interpretation, employing a wide variety of techniques from traditional drawing and painting to 3D computer modeling. Diagrammatic representations and their related iconography has motivated recent works using sources including textbooks on natural history, early and contemporary printed maps, scientific/technological imagery and cultural icons.







An Cuiltheann, Digital Pigment Print, 2015,Image size 97 x 71 cm, paper size 107 x 81 cm



Diùranais, Digital Pigment Print, 2015, Image size 97 x 71 cm, paper size 107 x 81 cm 



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