RGI Open Annual Exhibition News

Invited Artist – Peter Bevan

Continuing with our Invited Artist’s for this years RGI Open Annual Exhibition, we are pleased to feature the work of Peter Bevan.
Peter Bevan trained as a painter, graduating in 1973 from the Royal College of Art, London but has been making sculpture since 1989 and after this re-orientation has developed a more international practice. He has exhibited sculpture in Scotland, Scandinavia, Belgium, USA, Japan, India and in September 2005 at the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale.

Artist’s Statement: “These two works are concerned with the combination and manipulation of different materials together, both hand-modelled ceramic clay and ‘found’ wooden forms. The materials themselves have innate qualities, hard, soft, rough, smooth, their surface textures and colours suggesting different provenances and historical contexts.
‘Purdha’ and ‘Hubris’ are about personal strength along with vulnerability. In themselves, the figures suggest strength in different ways, ‘Purdha’ has an internalised, silent determination and ‘Hubris’ an overt expression of confidence but both their foundation forms, the ‘bursting’ barrel and the ‘splayed’ legs suggest an unbalance and potential weakness.”



Purdha, Peter Bevan


Hubris, Peter Bevan

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