Call For Entries

The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts is delighted to announce the Call For Entries to our 153rd Open Annual Exhibition, 2016.


Image Credit: ‘Fortezza’, Simon Laurie, RSW RGI


5 comments on “Call For Entries

  1. Pascale Steenkiste

    Hi RGI
    Is it just me but I am struggling to access ‘call for entries’ so I can put in some paintings, could someone give me clear instructions how to enter, many thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Pascale Steenkiste


    • Hi Pascale,

      thanks for getting in touch and highlighting that you may be having problems accessing our submissions system. To be honest you are the first to raise this. To assist, please click in the large ‘ENTER’ button here:https://royalglasgowinstitute.org/test-1/annual-exhibition/

      This will take your directly to our submissions site, where you will see a second ‘green’ Enter button. Please just follow from there for guidance, which should be self explanatory.

      We hope that this helps. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

      Regards, RGI


      • pascale steenkiste

        Hi RGI thank you for your help with regards to entering and submitting a couple of paintings for the annual exhibition. I was in the wrong section of the RGI website. Pascale


  2. Hi Pascale,

    you’re very welcome. We wish you well in our selections.

    Best wishes


  3. pascale steenkiste

    Thank you. I will need it! My first time, can you tell!!


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