George Wyllie Retrospective

A brand new exhibition, celebrating the art and life of the internationally renowned Scottish artist, George Wyllie, will open at Paisley Museum on 17 July. The Why?sman is an exhibition looking at some of Wyllie’s most famous works, including A Day Down a Goldmine, The Straw Locomotive, The Paper Boat and Spires. The exhibition also includes work that has not been previously exhibited. This new display will offer insight to some of the ideas that flow through Wyllie’s playful yet serious approach to art, with fascinating exhibits and an array of interactive activities for children.

George Wyllie MBE (1921-2012) was a remarkable artist who reached out beyond the confines of the gallery to connect with people all over the world through his thought-provoking art. Wyllie described his own art as scul?ture because he said the question mark should be at the centre of everything.

GeorgeWyllie_A3Poster_05 copy

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