Doors Open Day – McLellan Galleries 21 & 22 September

No Booking Required

These magnificent, purpose-built art galleries hosted a multitude and variety of cultural events throughout the last century and a half, but are now under wraps. The RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts) is campaigning for their re-use.

Built in 1856 they are named after their builder, the visionary Archibald McLellan, distinguished art collector, coachbuilder, city dignitary and charismatic entrepreneur. They rank among the finest in Scotland and were in the process of being developed when Mclellan died.

The City Corporation eventually acquired the buildings and paintings from his estate. Vicissitudes, expansion, development and controversy have coloured the history of these premises. Created in the heyday of Victorian architecture, they survive unique in Glasgow.

Closed to the public at large throughout most of the last decade, they were famously home to the RGI’s Annual Exhibition, the biggest open exhibition in Scotland, now in its 152nd year. After an absence of some ten years, this year’s RGI Exhibition will be mounted here in November, back in its traditional home, as a one-off. The campaign for a long-term sustainable future for the reoccupation on a full-time basis of the Galleries is now underway, led by the RGI.

Doors Open Day offers the chance to glimpse the glories of the architecture and heritage of the building, and to view an exhibition of its history.

Dates and Times

Building Open
Saturday 21st September: 10:00-16:00
Sunday 22nd September: 12:00-16:00

Saturday 21st September: 12:00, 15:00

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