Tuesday Talk: The McLellan Galleries

Tuesday 21 May

The McLELLAN GALLERIES rank among the finest in Scotland. 
They were in the process of being developed by Archibald McLellan 
- art collector, coachbuilder, city dignitary and charismatic entrepreneur – when he died, in 1854. 
McLellan had willed the building and his art collections to his native city, but his finances were in chaos. 
After some hesitation the City Council acquired the building and paintings from his estate.

Throughout the last century and a half
the Galleries have been subject to vicissitudes, expansion, development and controversy. 
Created in the great heyday of Victorian architecture, they survive unique in Glasgow.

The RGI’s Annual Exhibition is just one of a marvellous range of events and art shows that the Galleries have accommodated
in the course of their history. 
The 152nd Annual Exhibition is now on course to return there later this year!

 developed her interest in Archibald McLellan through her activities as
 volunteer guide at Kelvingrove.

All of the illustrated talks are at 11 am at The Kelly Gallery, with coffee etc served from 1030 and included in your £6 admission.

Booking Talks & Events

Please book at the gallery or by phone or email:
RGI Kelly Gallery
118 Douglas Street
Tel. 0141 248 6386



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