George Wyllie RGI – A Retrospective

‘In Pursuit of the Question Mark’, a retrospective exhibition of the work of George Wyllie, is the most comprehensive survey of the internationally renowned Glasgow-born artist’s work ever mounted and consists of almost 1000 objects. These range from his earliest drawings made for family when he was serving on HMS Argonaut in The Pacific during the Second World War, to sculptures dating back to the 1960s made from old car bumpers.

The exhibition also features material which shows the process which led Wyllie to create iconic ephemeral works such as the Straw Locomotive and the Paper Boat.

Unusual items his first ever oil painting, made in 1951, called The Rescue, a cardboard box containing the ashes of the Straw Locomotive (burned in a Viking-style funeral at Springburn after being taken down from the Finnieston Crane), a ‘football team’ (plus steel ball) designed for the Euro ‘96 in Manchester and hand-drawn illustrated story books which Wyllie produced to talk out various projects, including The Paper Boat.

George Wyllie was elected an RGI artist in 1992.

The exhibition runs until 2nd February at The Mitchell, North Street, Glasgow

View a short film of the exhibition opening celebration here: George Wyllie – A Retrospective

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