RGIs’ Summer Exhibition at The Glasgow Art Club

A must see for August is the first-ever collected show of work by RGIs at the Glasgow Art Club at 185 Bath Street which runs until 21 August.

Opening the exhibition, RGI President Karin Currie commented on the thrill of seeing the paintings of so many of today’s RGI luminaries, all assembled in one room.

Added Karin: “I am very keen to have a permanent collection of artwork by our RGIs, and it’s a particular pleasure that what could even be the starting point for it, is here at the Art Club. The common heritage, our historical links and the synergy between the RGI and the Art Club should be fostered for our mutual benefit.”

The inspiration and curator for the show, is the RGI’s newly-appointed convenor, Hazel Nagl RGI RSW PAI. The exhibition includes works by George Devlin, John Inglis, Philip Reeves, Sandy Murphy, Norman Edgar, Norman Kirkham, Helen Wilson, Simon Laurie, Gordon Mitchell, Duncan Shanks, Ronnie Smith, Jack Knox, David Martin, David Smith, James McNaught, and the most recent RGI, Robert Murray, amongst a prestigious roll-call.

In welcoming this exhibition the President of The Art Club, Robert Kelsey, said:  “I  am very pleased to see this impressive selection of some of the current RGIs’ paintings being exhibited in our gallery and I would encourage more of today’s RGIs to do so, as we would be delighted to host shows featuring their work.

The RGIs’ Exhibition is in the Gallery at the Glasgow Art Club is open daily to members of the public from 11am – 7pm (11am-2pm Saturdays) except Sundays and Tuesdays.

Simon Laurie RSW RGIIndustrial Landscape
Industrial Landscape by Simon Laurie RSW RGI


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