The next exhibition at the RGI Kelly Gallery

Paintings, photographs, prints and time-based media are arriving at the RGI Kelly Gallery for the second exhibition of works by recent graduates from The Glasgow School of Art.

As part of the exhibition Emma Reid will be showing an interactive artwork. Emma explains her motivation for creating works:

“I am interested in the relationships between strangers who share the same space. In particular I am fascinated by the boundaries that a society constructs around behaviour – what is accepted and what is expected as I sit next to you on the train? The distinguishing of a private, domestic space from a public realm begins to categorise behaviour. I want to see the inevitable moments that don’t conform to these categorisations, like when I catch you – out of the corner of my eye – picking your nose.

“What do people hide and what do they expose in the spaces they share with others? I collect information, material, and footage – people watching, eavesdropping, noting down your phone conversation, filming those moments where you let your guard down. I struggled a bit to personally justify taking your image without your permission. But video makes sense for this work. And it doesn’t work if you know I’m recording you. I aim to use this information respectfully and maintain your anonymity. By reducing the information, abstracting the image, cropping the frame, I hope to give away just enough information for the next spectators.”

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday 24 July with an evening reception with the artists Thursday 26 July, 5-7pm – all welcome. 

Eye (looking-in), Emma Reid

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