RGI Graduate Prize Award – Zhang Yuan

Zhang Yuan was born and grew up in Beijing and has been living and studying in Glasgow since 2009.
“My work is essentially presented with Chinese Taoism philosophy spirit and Western contemporary art form,” explains Yuan. “Influenced by Taoism, I see myself as a young Chinese artist, not traditional and not westernised, but myself at present.
“I want my artwork to represent the way I think, I see, I feel, and I approach the feeling through my skills. As every moment is temporal, my feeling is constantly shifting. I see my practice as an ongoing journey, only a record of a certain moment.”

Open the Wormhole In Our Hearts
Open the Wormhole In Our Hearts / 打开我们心中的虫洞

“When carrying out research for this project, some art works reminded me of the shape of a wormhole. I started to think about the idea of making something related to a wormhole.

“For me, the wormhole means an open solution, an ongoing journey, while in physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, a shortcut through space and time.

“I decided to make a work that related to both the wormhole and human organs. The combination of the wormhole and human organs symbolizes ‘open the wormhole in our hearts’, and suggests that people can open their heart to the unknown space, activating all senses, making a journey, and making a change.

Escape/逃–Draw your door

Everyone naturally has a desire to escape, no one can know what will happen after. The way of everything in the world is eternal return.

Escape – Chalk and the door

Medium: imagination, chalk.
Dimension: approx. endless m * 1m * 2m

My interest in this work is to create a space within a space. I draw a simple white ‘door’ by chalk on the long empty wall to approach the idea. You can pick up chalk and put it in your pocket, whenever you want to escape, or want to explore another unknown space, draw a door, jump into it.

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