New RGI President and Council announced

The RGI Presidency was handed over from Gordon Macpherson to Karin Currie – only the second woman to hold the post in the RGI’s 151 year history.

Presidential Message, April 2012

“Becoming only the second woman president in 151 years does sharpen your sense of the RGI’s heritage……..

An arts’ organisation that has been active all this time, surviving two World Wars, remained true to its original aims, has to be a force to reckoned with.

Artists’ support for the Annual Exhibition continues unabated and this is still the biggest show of artworks in Scotland.

I want to work towards returning it to its traditional home at the McLellan Galleries – currently languishing out of sight and out of creative action altogether.

Restoring the Galleries to the public domain as a major feature in Glasgow’s cultural life, with the international status they merit, will require some very substantial partnerships. The RGI must be among them.

Partnership is a key feature of our future activities. The RGI can play a role in spotlighting Glasgow’s traditional cultural quarter – with the RGI Kelly Gallery based in Douglas Street and the renowned School of Art, the Glasgow Art Club and a significant community of galleries and arts-related organisations in the immediate neighbourhood.”

Photos: RGI President Karin Currie and former RGI President Gordon Macpherson at the Glasgow Art Club


Links to Herald Scotland articles on the future of the McLellan:
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