A message from Gordon Macpherson, RGI President

Help us celebrate the RGI’s 150th anniversary by coming along to the various events planned throughout this year.

The RGI Kelly Gallery is hosting more exhibitions than ever now that our new Curator and Project Manager, Lynne Mackenzie, and Curatorial Assistant, Amy Marletta, are well and truly settled in. We also have Heather MacLeod working as press officer to raise awareness of the RGI.

The Council is as active as ever, with the Tuesday Talks proving a sell-out, so it’s worth checking the website and our newly created Facebook for details.

Special thanks must go to Simon Laurie who has been the convener of the last six Annual Exhibitions.

The profit from last year’s successful Crinan Exhibition has again helped to cut the deficit of The Mitchell Exhibition. Our thanks to Frances Macdonald and her family at the Crinan Hotel for this important link with Argyll. The strong support of Inverarity One to One at all our events has once more been fantastic.

These activities are all overshadowed by the problems of high achievements but poor sales especially, in the RGI Kelly Gallery, although the poor sales of 2009 at the Mitchell were marginally reversed last year. Consequently income has fallen, and as with everyone, we have to look at our position.

What can we do to help?

By supporting functions, visiting the gallery and meeting our new staff.

Buying a work of art from one of the many events to mark the 150th.

As we want to double our membership, there is now a special scheme to for birthday, anniversary and special membership gifts.

If you can help with imaginative sponsorship, please contact individual Council members, or Lesley, or the Gallery Staff.

To those who have the RGI over the years, I would ask you to consider joining us who annually forego our exemption. Although many organizations have recently altered their constitutions and changed the subscription details of those over 65, we do not intend to do such a thing.

Join the small band of voluntary Friends of the RGI Kelly Gallery.

Whether it’s an exhibition at the RGI Kelly, Tuesday Talk, major public lectures, mid-summer founding celebration party, or Annual Exhibition this September, we look forward to welcoming you during this our 150th year.

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